Siri Coming to iPad?

Ever sense we have seen iOS 5.1 there hasn’t been anything noticeable. Until know. In the settings for the iPad in the newest 5.1 BETA we see dictation information for the iPad. This is the siri dictation about. Kind of interesting. Could siri be coming to the iPad 2 in 5.1? Or launch with the iPad 3? We won’t know. All of the above is siri features. However there is no way to activate the dictation within the OS itself so we will have to wait and see. Hmmm.


One thought on “Siri Coming to iPad?

  1. […] Siri. This is a major major reason why the iPhone 4S sells. It may be the only reason the 4S sells. Siri is amazing. It does have a lot of things wrong with it though. Wrong results and not being able to connect to the server are just 2 of them. I think the new iPad 3 will have it according to settings we found in Apple’s 5.1 beta. […]


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